Civility Project

Nirinjan Singh Khalsa:

“A divided America is a weak America… We’re all Americans, and we all must have compassion for each other… understanding for each other… and we all have to embrace each other at the end of the day.”

Sister Anne Field:

“… (in) practicing respect for our common life, our Creator, we want to know ways that we can get in very intense discussions, but we can be civil with each other…we can iron it out and move ahead.”

Randy Dobbs:

“All faiths, in some way, advance civilization.”

“How different of a world would we live in if we thought about what we were going to say to a person first before we uttered those words.”

The Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord

“When we look at planet earth as photographed from outer space there are some things that are immediately apparent…. There is nowhere that we can go after we have trashed this place and we’ve trashed one another.”

“There are no thick black lines separating countries as you find on a map hanging on a wall, and we know that the black lines have not been created by the holy, separating us, but that they have been created by human kind. Keep my tribe in, your tribe out. Keep my religion in, separated from your religion.”

Rev. Al Cohen:

“We have an obligation to the community. We’re not here isolated by ourselves…we’re with our neighbors”

“The Samaritan stands for the people we disagree with, people we don’t understand. Jesus is asking us to treat people with dignity…we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves.”

“We can argue passionately…we can talk about the issues and not make ad hominem attacks.”

Sura Das:

“The point is not…is the left correct, is the right correct, but why don’t we all just become more spiritual.”
“If people appreciate and have respect for all cultures, then the world will become a more civilized place to live.”

Laurel Gord:

“If I can remember that this other person who I may strongly disagree with is a beloved child of God, why would I ever be justified in attacking that person?”

Jahan Stanizai
“Civility is not a matter of option or choice. It is a religious obligation for all Muslims to be civil.”